The Enchanted Sea

Posted on Jun 23, 2014

Sandcastles, sea glass, and grassy dunes… sand in your toes, coconut lotion on your shoulders, and waves crashing in your ears… could it be that the beach is the best place on earth? The waves roll in and out and the sun shines bright and true. Whether you’re basking in sweet solitude or reveling in family merry-making, the sea is an enchanted place.

Time stands still on the beach and that might just be its enchantment. Nothing ever really changes. The gorgeous colors, the blues, greens and corals always remain and your perennial favorite popsicle is never out of reach. You can add all the state-of-the-art gear you’d like, from fancy beach chairs to waterproof footwear, but in the end, it’s still just the water, the sand, the sky and you.

Honor the spirit of the beach with our Enchanted Sea Collection. With charms depicting everything from sea creatures to sandcastles, this collection brings to mind the perfect coastal getaway. Remember your family’s trip to the beach with the ultra-fun Patriot Pop charm, or evoke that feeling of solitude with the beautiful blue Swarovski Captivate charm. However you enjoy the beach, the Enchanted Sea Collection is sure to offer something perfect for you… and your memories.


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