On the catwalks we've witnessed the re-emergence of stripes as hero. Thick or skinny, horizontal or vertical  - stripes in different color combinations were everywhere.
So get your creative imagination geared up to suit this extremely popular trends for this season. There are many Chamilia beads you can use to incorporate a nuance of stripes in your jewelry creation.

Here's how:

OPTION 1: Use Striped Chamilia Beads

CHA-Media:/blog/Inspiration/blackswirl.jpg CHA-Media:/blog/Inspiration/gardenarches.jpg CHA-Media:/blog/Inspiration/zebra.jpg
Black Swirl Garden Arches Zebra


CHA-Media:/blog/Inspiration/short dress.jpg



CHA-Media:/blog/Inspiration/stripes skirt.jpg


OPTION 2: Alternate color variations of the same Chamilia bead

CHA-Media:/blog/Inspiration/newsimpleelegance.jpg CHA-Media:/blog/Inspiration/baguette.jpg CHA-Media:/blog/Inspiration/redyellow.jpg
Simple Elegance Double Baguette Midtown Marquis



CHA-Media:/blog/Inspiration/strip top jeans.jpg




CHA-Media:/blog/Inspiration/long dress.jpg


Create your own striped design with the Design Your Own Tool!

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