Spring Inspiration

Posted on May 06, 2014

The word inspire comes from the Latin word meaning “to breathe.” To think that breath and inspiration are one and the same makes perfect sense in spring. It is so wonderfully easy to be inspired this time of year—perhaps because we have more fresh air available than we’ve breathed in months.

But then everything—not just the air—feels fresh and new in the spring. The sun is high, bright green buds are beginning to break through, birds serenade each morning cup of coffee with their beautiful song and rain washes away the stale winter grime. It is a time of creation, renewal, and growth.

We see this in nature, of course, but it carries through all parts of our lives. We refresh our homes as we tackle spring cleaning projects, our bodies with food cleanses and long outdoor wanders and our relationships with that special sort of twitterpated feeling that only comes this time of year. The butterfly reminds us that now is the time for rebirth—as it unfolds from its dark cocoon, so may we take spring as an opportunity to be reborn, to see what new things we are capable of.

The trick, of course, is sustaining this time of inspiration. Here at Chamilia, we believe you can make your springtime renewal last all year. Our new Spring/Summer collection offers beautiful reminders of the inspiration that arrives with this special season. Charms like Come Fly with Me and the Mind, Body & Spirit Soul Cham can keep you connected all year long to the fresh, revitalizing inspiration you’re feeling today.

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