According to tradition, the colors of the U.S. flag had no official significance upon its creation. When the official seal of the United States of America was designed however, it was decreed that red was to signify hardiness and valor; white, purity and innocence; and blue would represent vigilance, perseverance and justice. What better ideals to celebrate this 4th of July?

In a letter to his wife the day before he signed the Declaration of Independence, future president John Adams predicted that Independence Day would be observed through the ages exactly as we do it today: with parades, fireworks and as much fun as possible. As you commemorate Independence Day with grand revelry and merriment as suggested by the great Mr. Adams, wear the bold and beautiful colors of red, white and blue with pride!

This year, pledge allegiance to the flag by creating a gorgeous charm bracelet, and wear it every 4th of July forward. Start with the timeless Silver Snap Bracelet—it’s the perfect chic and simple foundation. Then choose the accent charms that showcase your style. Our blue and red Jeweled Collection charms lend an air of elegance to your look, as Swarovski Crystal elements add sparkle. Whatever you choose, make it red, white and blue.

Have a beautiful 4th of July!

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