Reconnecting your family

Posted on Mar 05, 2014

This is what we’ve all been waiting, wishing and longing for…March and the beauty that is spring break! March ushers in visions of family getaways and warm thoughts of verdant landscapes. This is the perfect family bonding season where we over-pack our bags and prepare to rest, relax, rejuvenate and renew. Vacations reconnect us with one another, allowing us to refocus on the important things. We let go of daily pressures, meetings and deadlines, while we hold onto our families to enjoy a time of peace and togetherness. Spring break allows us the luxury of sleeping in and living in the moment. Time spent together, be it under swaying palm trees or right in your own living room, is time that gives back in endless ways. Here at Chamilia, we offer beads and charms to capture the essence of your time spent together. Regardless of your destination, live it loudly and enjoy it thoroughly, wherever you may be.


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