Our Season 2 favorites

Posted on May 16, 2013

We at chamilia.com adore beads and this season’s collection has plenty to choose from – and to love! So, our staff has chosen some of their favorite beads from the Season 2 collection. Read on to find out their favorites… What are yours?

Ellen's pick: American Flag bead


"It's the perfect reminder of my home and family, since I travel so much."

Kathy's pick: I Love You bead


"Cause all you need is love! And I'm all about the 1960s, vintage look of this bead."

Nadia's pick: Congratulations bead


"Because life gives us so many different reasons to celebrate!"

Lewis' pick: Love Birds bead


"The cuddling birds remind me of the beauty of having a companion through life."

Jen's pick: Wise Owl bead


"It's the perfect gift for my best friend, who's graduation with her Ph.D!"

Kristin's pick: Tree of Life bead


"Because it's rooted in the earth and reaching for the stars - just like I hope to be."

Alicia's pick: Baby Buggy


"This bead reminds me of the most emotional moment of my life."

Which bead is your favorite??

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