Life’s Simple Pleasures

Posted on Mar 13, 2014

Have you ever realized how so often in life, it’s the little things that please us the most? Sometimes it’s the smell of freshly brewing coffee on a Sunday morning or the taste of that chocolate desert you just love. Maybe it’s the feel of your softest blanket on the coldest day, or the soothing, rhythmic sounds of the ocean when you’re sitting near the sea. Perhaps it’s the smile on your loved one’s face when they first lay eyes on you after a long day. When life presents those perfect points in time, don’t forget to take a second and recognize them.

In today’s world we are constantly living each day ever faster than the one before it. We move quickly and aim to accomplish so much that it’s easy to get caught up with thinking about all there is to do. Instead, what about considering how much have achieved today? How about taking a second to reflect on your day’s or week’s successes? The next time you find yourself at a meeting or amongst friends, try having everyone share their “win” for the day.

Here at Chamilia, we believe in recognizing the importance of life’s simple pleasures. We know how vital it is to share a good laugh with your best friend and a favorite bedtime story with a child. You work hard, you love deeply and you deserve lasting reminders of the sweeter things in life. That’s why we carry beads like the Hug, Best Friend and Love is Sweet cupcake. Each is designed as a small symbol of a big picture, helping you preserve what truly matters.

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