Birthstone Beads: February

Posted on Feb 25, 2013

Enhance your look and your personal characteristics – Harness the power of your birthstone color!

Did you know that there is a birthstone color associated with each month of the year? Wearing your associated birthstone color is said to not only bring good luck, good health and protection but to highlight your unique and personal attributes as well. To view the entire collection of Chamilia Birthstone Beads click here.

The February Birthstone Bead features purple Swarovski Elements, inspired by the color of the Amethyst. Once used to decorate the British crown jewels, the Amethyst symbolizes intuition, motivation, hope, and peace. 


Some suggestions to style your February birthstone bead:

Combine with a bead that conveys your personal mantra such as the "Words to live by" Bead.




Feature it alongside your initials to make it yours, uniquely you. All alphabet beads are available here.


Combine it with other beads in the same color for a very stylish look.



This ongoing guide to Chamilia’s colored beads takes this traditional association of birthstone colors to a new and fashionable height! 

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Chamilia.com is also giving away a birthstone bead to a lucky winner each month. Click here to enter for a chance to win your birthstone bead.

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