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Chamilia’s Birthstone beads are more than just a twist of color to accent your fashionable look – they are the ambassadors of your birth month’s message. Each month of the year has a correlating birthstone color. Birthstone charms are made expressly for your Chamilia jewelry bracelet, necklace or earrings. The message and traits of each birthstone bead’s color is particular to the month you were born in.

The month of May, for example, is reflected with the birthstone color green. It is the perfect indication of nature’s renewal in springtime. It is associated with the properties of friendship and loyalty and is said to promote good memory when worn by those born in November.

Monthly birthstones are symbolic and follow the Gregorian calendar. Wearing the birthstone color of your month of birth could be an invigorating and positive choice. Certainly – it will be a complimentary addition to your collection of Chamilia jewelry.

When looking for a tailored gift for a friend, spouse or other loved one – selecting a Chamilia Birthstone Bead according to their month of birth is an excellent, personalized, jewelry choice.

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