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Necklaces by Chamilia come in a variety of sizes and styles that can be stylized with any of Chamilia’s stunning beads, turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.

From the simple drop chain to the mixed strand and drop silver necklaces, you can make Chamilia necklaces into whatever creation in whatever color you choose. Design a rule-breaking statement piece to transform an ordinary outfit into a dazzling one, match your already-fabulous look with a perfect ornament, or pair your casual look with your effortlessly chic creation. Whatever the statement you’d like to make, the occasion, your mood, or style, there’s a Chamilia necklace and bead to match any design your imagination can envision.

Made from .925 sterling silver, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and hand-dyed silk, Chamilia’s necklaces are a great way to add to your Chamilia collection. Find inspiration from anything and everything around you, and break all the notions of conventional accessorizing with your own, original Chamilia necklace.

Chamilia Necklaces
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