Green Circles Bead Paw Bead Pink Butterfly Bead Brown Faceted Bead, L October Light Rose Flicker Bead
Red Love Lock Bead Skull Highness Bead Pink Faceted Bead, L December Indicolite Flicker Bead Green Paisley Bead
Violet Faceted Bead, L Purple Baguette Bead Red Inner Heart Bead Crystal Orbit Bead July Fuchsia Flicker Bead
Blue Oval Bead Black and White Oval Bead Blue Orbit Bead Little Boy Bead Green Faceted Bead, L
March Aquamarine Flicker Bead May Emerald Flicker Bead Pink Circles Bead Purple Oval Bead Green Oval Bead
Green Rings Bead Golden Faceted Bead, L Green Baguette Bead Red Forever Connected Bead Cheers Bead
Owl Bead January Light Siam Flicker Bead February Amethyst Flicker Bead Blue Butterfly Bead Light Green Faceted Bead, L
Dark Red Faceted Bead, L November Topaz Flicker Bead Black Duo Crystal Bead Black and White Radiance Bead Lilac Faceted Bead, L
Turquoise Duo Crystal Bead Purple Inner Heart Bead Green Wink Bead Crystal Faceted Bead, L Red Magma Faceted Bead, L
Cozy Girl Bead June Light Amethyst Flicker Bead Blue Loose Pavé Bead Black and White Loose Pavé Bead April Clear Crystal Flicker Bead
Iconic Heart Bead White Inner Heart Bead Red Duo Crystal Bead Crystal Butterfly Bead Blue Faceted Bead, L
September Sapphire Flicker Bead August Peridot Flicker Bead Cozy Boy Bead Union Jack Bead Blue Inner Heart Bead
Little Girl Bead Blue Baguette Bead Blue Radiance Bead Pink Oval Bead Pink Orbit Bead
Black Jazzed Bead Purple Radiance Bead Pink Baguette Bead Purple Loose Pavé Bead Light Blue Faceted Bead, L
Pink Radiance Bead Purple Orbit Bead Green Loose Pavé Bead Purple Faceted Bead, L