Classic Chamilia

Initially Speaking G I Do Ring Box Bead Initially Speaking R Initially Speaking B Initially Speaking Q
Flowering Gem-Clear CZ Pail & Shovel Waves Collection - Purple Mom Rose Wheel - September Birthstone Swarovski
Gold Edges Purple with Silver Jeweled Kaleidoscope - Clear Love - Rose Swarovski Radiance Collection - Sunset Flash CZ
Letter I Spark - Pink Sister Koala and Baby Tea Pot
Cat Fish Bracelet - Silver Snap Dolce Vita - Umber Swarovski Center CZ - Clear CZ
Hug Heart Filigree Aurora Collection - Dark Pink Red Row of Hearts Letter L
24K Gold Collection - Twilight Gold Star of David - Crystal Swarovski Lady Bug Bump Set Spike Blush Purse
Initially Speaking L Wheel - July Birthstone Swarovski Swirl Horseshoe - Clear CZ Bracelet - Gold
Mosaic - Smoke & Crystal Swarovski Initially Speaking Z Radiance Collection - Teal Shimmer Initially Speaking E Aunt
Star & Moon Shimmering Stones - Red Swarovski Jeweled Kaleidoscope - Pink Swarovski Rudolf - Red Enamel Black & Clear Jeweled Heart Lock - Light Pink Swarovski
Letter N Blue Green Swirl Urban Links - Blue Briolette - Fuchsia Swarovski A Dozen Roses Bead
Gingerbread Girl - Green & Red Swarovski Brilliance Bangle Lady Liberty Children are Blessings Treasure Bead Box of Crayons
Jeweled Heart -Clear CZ Green Spiral Terrazzo Beaded Silver Snap Bracelet Jeweled Collection - Clear Chamilia Garden Club - June, Rose
2014 Ltd Edition Good To Bee Queen Gift Set Key to Love Letter Z Perfume Bottle - Pink CZ China
Best Seller Floppy - Light Rose Sterling Twirl Snap Bracelet Letter C Bracelet - Silver Snap
World Class Bracelet - Toggle Solid Bangle Terrazzo Beaded Silver Snap Bracelet Silk Necklace with Sterling Silver Teardrop - Midnight Black
Ebony Braided Leather Bracelet - Adjustable Brothers Kiss My Lips - Red Enamel & Swarovski Mystic Collection - Fuchsia Angel - Crystal Swarovski
Terazzo Beaded Silver Necklace Sterling Silver Necklace - Tassel Embrace - Clear Swarovski Moose Letter W
Jeweled Kaleidoscope - Purple Swarovski Allure - Turquoise Captured Hearts - Purple Swarovski Jeweled Collection - Champagne Go Fetch - Clear CZ
Necklace - Lovedrop - Clear Swarovski A Rose is a Rose Earrings Letter Y Mitten Bracelet - Gold Snap
Nurse Shimmering Stones - Purple Swarovski Bobby's Helmet Buried Treasure Bead Dots & Lines
Circle of Friends Persimmon Metallic Leather Bracelet Pink Lemonade Bracelet - Silver Snap Splendor - Vintage Rose
Box Chain Snap Bracelet Oxidized Sun Opulence Collection - Green Her Gift of Friends Bracelet - Silver Snap
Wheel - May Birthstone Swarovski Silk Black Silver Teardrop Necklace – Midnight Black w Swarovski Dream Collection - Blushing Dream Ink Swirl Garden Trowel Charm
Embrace - LT Amethyst Swarovski Bracelet - Toggle Angel Prayers Mystic Collection - Lime Crisscross
Slapshot Melt My Heart Silver Dazzling Daisy - Pink Swarovski Friend Lady Bug - Red Swarovski
2014 Ltd Edition Classic Motherhood BirthStone Jewels - September American Flag Sterling Twirl Snap Bracelet Watering Can Bead
Box Chain Snap Necklace Oxidized Peace Dove XOXO Heart To Heart Good Luck
Swirling Sands Sterling Silver Earrings - Infinity CZ Radiance Collection - Frosted White Band of X's Iridescent Collection - Blue Rainbow
Briolette - Fern Green Swarovski 2014 Ltd Edition Keepsake Diploma Scroll Her Gift of Hope Initially Speaking C Gift Box
Glorious - Fern Green Swarovski Cognac Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet Daffodil Blue with Silver Dolce Vita - Verde Swarovski
Follow Your Heart Terrazzo Beaded Silver Snap Bracelet Vino - Red and Yellow CZ Marquis - Blue Swarovski Believe Treasure Bead
Bracelet - Silver Snap Faith Soul Charm Letter B Lighthouse Dolce Vita - Chianti Swarovski
Orange Row of Hearts Delicate Hearts Earrings Football Mosaic - Multi Blue Swarovski Entwined Jewels - Clear and Pink Swarovski
Radiant Heart Earrings - Pink Swarovski Mother Initially Speaking M Rose Shell - Rose Swarovski Locked Hearts
Flex Bangle Embrace - Blue Swarovski Captivate - Crystal Swarovski Graphite Metallic Leather Bracelet Bracelet - Gold
Letter E Hanging Music Note Mosaic - Umber Swarovski Flex Bangle Crystal Paw - Fuchsia Swarovski
Crystal Bangle Accents - Clear Swarovski Glorious - Siam Swarovski Mixed Bowtie Dream Collection - Indigo Dream Silver Metallic Braided Leather Bracelet - Adjustable
Mosaic - Blue Swarovski Some Bunny Loves Me Charm Naughty & Nice Heart - Crystal & Red Dog Bone Gold Freedom Lock
Flex Bangle Hanging Keys of Love, Hope & Faith Bracelet - Gold Granddaughter Jeweled Poppy - Red Swarovski
2014 Ltd Edition Patriot Pop Japan Initially Speaking I Wheel - October Birthstone Swarovski Terrazzo Beaded Mixed Gold Snap Bracelet
Sandcastle Jeweled Heart in Heart - Pastel Pink and Orange CZ Graduation Cap Bead Eternity - Clear Swarovski Jeweled Kaleidoscope - Red and Black Swarovski
Irish Claddagh Ring Affinity Palazzo - Chianti Swarovski Mom - ONLINE EXLUSIVE Necklace - Drop Chain
Graphite Metallic Leather Bracelet Natural Elements Collection - Lavender Jeweled Collection - Aqua Christmas Tree - Multi Color Kris Kringle
Secret Treasure Filigree Charm Marquis - Green Swarovski Royale Lock with Safety Chain Flex Bangle Crescent Moon
Seahorsing Around Bead Santa's Here Lavender Petals Black Swirl 2014 Ltd Edition Mothers Day Gift Set
Initially Speaking P Flowering Lattice - Clear Swarovski Flex Bangle Allure - Blush Natural Elements Collection - Bluefin
A Night Out - Clear CZ Marquis Mixed - Clear CZ Mystic Collection - Purple Regale - Verde Swarovski Sneaker
Bracelet - Toggle Terrazzo Beaded Mixed Gold Snap Bracelet Snowflake - Clear CZ Jeweled Cross -Clear CZ Sister Sister
Metallic Collection Murano Glass, Blush Gold Dots Pave Open Heart - Rose Swarovski Hand "I Love You" Jeweled Petals - Black CZ
Captured Hearts - Clear Swarovski Letter A Iridescent Collection - Emerald Glitter BirthStone Jewels - December 24K Gold Collection - Paradise Gold
Persimmon Metallic Leather Bracelet I Love You Regale - Chianti Swarovski Letter S Light Pink Swirl
Letter V Circle Bracelet - Plain BirthStone Jewels - July New York
Plum Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet Sterling Silver Necklace - Mixed Strand Modern Glam - Purple Swarovski Letter J Mother, Daughter, Friend
Glitter Collection Murano Glass, Pink Dots Box Chain Snap Necklace Bright Her Gift of Love Radiance Collection - Sea Sparkle CZ
Jeweled Collection - Red Splendor Briolette - Pink Swarovski Jeweled Kaleidoscope - Yellow Swarovski Mom Heart - Clear CZ Initially Speaking A
Natural Elements Collection - Coral Reef Words to Live By Mystic Collection - White 24K Gold Collection - Copper Gold Radiance Collection - Purple Shine
Sterling Twirl Snap Bracelet Wheel - January Birthstone Swarovski Tennis Racket Dream Collection - Midnight Dream Odyssey Collection Bead
Glitter Collection Murano Glass, Purple Mystic Collection - Cracked Ice Love is Sweet - Crystal Swarovski & Rose Gold Wash Rose Lock With Safety Chain - Filigree
Wheel - April Birthstone Swarovski Wedding Cake Starfish - Clear CZ Jeweled Kaleidoscope - Blue and Black Swarovski London Bus
Jeweled Petals - Red CZ Plain Replacement Bangle End Coffee Cup Rocky Raku
Best Friends Snowflake Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul Charm I Still Believe In Santa - Red & Crystal Pink Petals
Sterling Twirl Snap Bracelet Apple Home Is Where The Heart Is Snowy Pinecone Snowflake - Crystal Swarovski
Paisley Sparkle - Clear Swarovski BirthStone Jewels - November Splendor - Green Swarovski Flex Bangle Gilded Sparkle - Clear CZ
Hope - Crystal Swarovski Heart - Pink CZ Simple Elegance - Purple Swarovski Sea Snail Bead BirthStone Jewels - October
Turquoise Sparkle Glam Chain – Adjustable Solid Bangle Splendor - Bright Blue Swarovski Paw Print
Jeweled Petals - Purple CZ Splendor Briolette - Clear Swarovski Her Gift of Family Flower Fairy Sparkle Purse - Lila CZ
Initially Speaking K Octopus Garden Charm Modern Glam - Fuchsia Swarovski Crystal Bangle Accents - Fuchsia Swarovski Textured Weave
Teacher's Apple Blush Metallic Braided Leather Bracelet - Adjustable Captured Hearts - Rose Gold Wash Gather Round Wheel - June Birthstone Swarovski
Family Happy Anniversary Cat Ebony Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet Snowflake - Clear CZ
Necklace - Drop Chain Live & Grow Soul Charm Box Chain Snap Bracelet Oxidized Chamilia Garden Club - May, Lily of the Valley Initially Speaking H
Jeweled Collection - Blue Love Everlasting - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Glamourous Affair Letter R Jeweled Collection - Purple
Frosty Glow - Clear Swarovski Captured Hearts - Pink Swarovski Solid Bangle Slouch Hat Firefighter
Gold Heart Lily Briolette - Blue Marquis - Clear Swarovski Terrazzo Beaded Mixed Gold Snap Bracelet BirthStone Jewels - August
Sterling Silver Necklace - Tassel Snuggle Bugs Bead Initially Speaking W Splendor - Greige Swarovski Briolette - Crystal Swarovski
Graduation Hat Fleur De Lis Golden Treasure Lamb Thank You
Sterling Silver Earrings - Infinity Sparkle Twist - Adjustable Iridescent Collection - Pink Spectrum Pink Champagne Metallic Leather Bracelet Crown - Clear CZ
Solid Bangle Brother and Sister See Through Solid Bangle Fuchsia Dream
Splendor - Purple Swarovski Glimmer Lock - Blue and Clear Swarovski Captured Hearts Necklace - Drop Chain Loving Angel Wings
Pink Champagne Metallic Leather Bracelet Dream Collection - Cool Dream Eternity Heart Horse - Clear Swarovski Initially Speaking J
Daughter Natural Elements Collection - Fresh Mint Baby's First Steps Initially Speaking S Blaze - Tanzanite Swarovski
Scrolled Letter T Baseball Glorious - Clear Swarovski Hibiscus Flower
Jeweled Kaleidoscope - Fresco - Umber,Verde & Chianti Swarovski Bracelet - Plain Whale Letter X You Lil' Devil
Field of Gold - Clear Swarovski Cupid Boy & Girl British Cuppa Gold Fleur de Lis Ornament
Pave Bangle Accents - Clear Swarovski Persimmon Metallic Leather Bracelet Replacement Bangle Stopper Jeweled Kaleidoscope - Pink and Black Swarovski Jeweled Kaleidoscope - Multicolor Swarovski
Iridescent Collection - Orange Spin Mi Amore Delicate Hearts Circle & Square - Clear CZ Jeweled Kaleidoscope - Orange and Black Swarovski
In My Heart Locket - Pink Swarovski Love Birds Letter K Modern Glam - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Come Fly with Me
Queen Bee Gold Ribbon Gift Flowers Center Pass - Clear Swarovski Entwined Jewels - Clear and Champagne Swarovski
Captured Hearts - Red Swarovski Pearl Earrings Chamilia Garden Club - April, Daisy Kangaroo & Joey BirthStone Jewels - May
Floral Sunflower Bracelet - Gold Snap On the Fringe - Clear Swarovski With Love
Holy Cross Trellis Freedom Lock Letter F Lock Lattice
Glitter Purse Radiance Collection - Black Shine Aqua Reef Faith - Crystal Swarovski Mosaic - Verde Swarovski
Butterfly Brilliance Bangle Bracelet - Silver Snap Aubergine Metallic Leather Bracelet Camera - Clear CZ
Fuchsia Flames Gold Dazzling Daisy - Clear CZ Serve & Protect Hedgehog Painter's Palette
Jeweled Kaleidoscope - Mixed and Black Swarovski Terrazzo Beaded Silver Necklace Hanging Heart Golf Bag Spark - Blue
Iridescent Collection - Pink Copper Plum Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet Palazzo - Verde Swarovski Cheer Gift Box - Clear CZ
BirthStone Jewels - April Lucky Clover - Green Swarovski True Love Affection Entwined Jewels - Clear and Blue Swarovski
Shimmering Stones - Blue Swarovski I Love Nana Simple Elegance - Blue Swarovski Happy Birthday - Pink CZ Bracelet - Plain
City Lights Collection - Blue Steel Dragonfly Pairs Tree Of Life Eternity Necklace Garden Arches
Letter P Buddha Briolette - Umber Swarovski Entwined Hearts Enjoy the Little Things - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
Reach for the Stars Mystic Collection - Turquoise Divine - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Bracelet - Silver Snap Fortune Cookie
Letter U Wedding Bells Charm Baby Buggy Paws All That Glitters Collection - Dark Pink
Basketball Radiance Collection - Ocean Sparkles Leprechaun Blooms Solid Bangle O Tannenbaum - Clear Swarovski
Purse Winter Wonderland Wheel - March Birthstone Swarovski Cupcake Jeweled Collection - Light Green
Opulence Collection - Magenta Initially Speaking O Kiwi Turtle Shalom Soul Charm
Christmas Stocking - Crystal & Blue Dream Collection - Christmas Dream Letter Q Square with Dots Lines
Falling Leaves Hollow Filigree Drink Eye - Clear CZ Butterfly
Gleaming Splendor - Clear CZ Cognac Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet BirthStone Jewels - March Initially Speaking Y BirthStone Jewels - January
2014 Ltd Edition - Key to My Heart Gift Set Radiant Heart - Pink Swarovski Dog Dream Collection - Sunkissed Dream Bracelet - Silver Snap
Bracelet - Gold Snap Spoken For Mystic Collection - Mulberry Mosaic - Purple Swarovski Canadian Flag
Hanging Peace Sign Tranquility - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Elegance Song Bird Captivate - Blue Swarovski
Angel Paisleys Flutter - Purple Swarovski Shimmering Stones - Pink Swarovski Paisley Rose - Pink Swarovski
Justice Rope Her Gift of Joy Initially Speaking D Hollow Leaves - Clear CZ
Radiance Collection - Morning Dew CZ Glimmer Lock - Iridescent Swarovski Letter D Opulence Collection - Bright Blue Simply Rosy - Pink
Regale - Umber Swarovski BirthStone Jewels - February 2013 Holiday Gift - Pave Bangle & Jewelry Box Heart Pineapple - Yellow & Clear Swarovski
Mosaic - Pink Swarovski Circle and Dots Jeweled Petals - Clear CZ Hanging Boomerang - Clear Swarovski Berry Purse
Simple Elegance - Greige Swarovski Marquis - Red Swarovski Circle of Friends