The Season 1 2016 Catalog

Posted on Jan 15, 2016

Introducing our newest arrivals! Say hello to Season 1, 2016!

Remembering Our Connections

Posted on Dec 03, 2015

Some people say everything is connected. But of all the infinite connections, perhaps the most beautiful are those we make to one another. We thrive when we connect our lives to that of other people, be it a special someone who becomes your partner in life and love, or a childhood friend lost to the years but found and linked once more on Facebook. It is our relationships with each other that we cherish most in life.

It is in this spirit of connection that we proudly introduce the Connections Bar Bracelets. These classically designed pieces of fine jewelry feature a lattice pattern of intersecting lines that symbolize the connections that enrich our lives. The Connections Bar Bracelets are featured as a “Holiday Pick” by O Magazine in the December issue. Present them as gifts to your loved ones, or wear your own stack to honor your deepest connections. Crafted in solid .925 sterling silver to last a lifetime. Just like the best connections you make.

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The NFL has hired its first female full-time official! Sarah Thomas, one of nine new game day officials hired for the 2015 season, is breaking barriers and blazing trails as the first woman to have completed the National Football League’s official development program and been subsequently hired as a regular by the league.

Sarah’s no stranger to making tough calls—she’s been officiating football games for nearly twenty years, and she’s a mom and wife with a full-time job as a pharmaceutical rep. But being welcomed into the organization as a full-time line judge has a new set of unique challenges and pressures: Will she make the right call? Will her calls be scrutinized more harshly because she is a woman? So far this season, Sarah has earned much-deserved praise for doing her job well. Earlier this month, she called a game-winning touchdown with only five seconds on the clock and earned kudos from players and coaches alike. It couldn’t have been easy to tell an entire defensive line that they failed to do their job and lost the game.

Sarah told nfl.com that shattering the glass ceiling was never her intent. “I’ve never set out to do that, but I’m telling you it’s an honor,” she said. “And I’ll just say, for anybody, male or female, go and do something because you love it, not because you’re wanting to prove somebody wrong or you want recognition for it.”

Trailblazing comes easy—or is at least part and parcel—when you’re living as whole-heartedly as Sarah does. What barriers might you break when you live with your whole heart?



This summer, we were inspired by a fan story that developed through our weekly Facebook charm giveaway. Laureen was the winner of the Aquarius charm from our new Zodiac Collection. Once the prize was announced, she read through the post comments and was especially moved by one written by Donna. Donna and her husband both shared the Aquarius sign. Her husband was suffering from terminal cancer, and she was hoping to win the charm to wear in honor of their love and life together. When Laureen read Donna’s comment she was reminded of her own cancer story, and she immediately sent a private message to the Chamilia page requesting that her prize be sent to Donna, a gesture of “paying it forward.” Chamilia sent both women charms as a way to acknowledge the power of paying it forward and remembering those we love. Every Friday in October, Chamilia will be offering fans an opportunity to continue paying it forward.

How it works:

Each Friday during the month of October, fans can respond to a #PayItForward giveaway question by leaving a comment below the post on the Chamilia Jewelry Facebook page. For each post, one fan will be randomly selected to receive two prizes - one to give or “pay it forward,” and one to remind them to continue to think of others in the future.

Visit facebook.com/ChamiliaJewelry to participate.

The Chamilia 2015 Holiday Catalog

Posted on Sep 08, 2015

Get a head start on your holiday shopping with this preview of the 2015 Holiday Collection.

Chamilia Continued

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