On Keeping a Journal

Posted on Jan 23, 2015

Here at Chamilia, we believe deeply in the power of memory. When you live fully, savoring the journey and soaking up every experience, you can make an infinite number of memories a day. Some of the moments are easy to remember—weddings, births, revelations, promotions. Others, however, though they are no less precious, are smaller and harder to hold.

The way the snow looked on the pine in the front yard this morning, or how your dog licked your chin just before plopping down in your lap for a snuggle. That feeling of invincibility when you finally reached a certain mile marker on your run, and the joyful belly-laugh you had when your child dressed himself for the first time. These moments of relative calm, of comparatively tiny accomplishment—are what life is all about. The small moments happen every day, yet they still feel extraordinary. They’re the bits that determine the tenor of your day-to-day life.

For the big moments, you have your Chamilia charm bracelets, photos, even videos. But how do you remember the smaller moments? We love journals, because they’re perfect for this worthy task. It doesn’t matter if you keep a gratitude journal to record a little something you’re thankful for each day, or if you’re an accomplished art journaler who creates an original watercolor or collage on every page. You can find journals for every taste and every ability. By creating a chronicle of your days, your ordinarily extraordinary small moments, can be captured so that one day you and your loved ones can read back and think, Wow, what a life!

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The Chamilia 2015 Spring Collection

Posted on Jan 14, 2015

Another festive season and new year have passed and we at Chamilia are already looking forward to spring. It may or may not be cold out where you are, so grab your favorite drink, cuddle up, and click (and shop!) away...

New Year, New Chamilia

Posted on Jan 09, 2015



Just in time for the New Year, we have rebranded to give ourselves a fresh new look to our personalized jewelry, which remains a foundation for how women express their passions.

After an extensive exploration, we chose the hummingbird as our new icon. The hummingbird always delights and amazes when it visits a garden. It visits hundreds of flowers a day to feed itself and is particularly attracted to the camellia flower. Easily recognized, the hummingbird has beautiful jewel-like colors, a heart that beats 1,200 times per minute and an attraction to vibrant flowers. Its beauty and energy make it a natural icon for the Chamilia brand. We hope you agree!

As always, our collections are created to the highest quality standards, as we continually pursue the perfect blend of new technologies and old-world craftsmanship. Using only the finest, heirloom-quality metals — solid .925 sterling silver and 14K gold — our team creates beautifully detailed charms and jewelry almost entirely by hand. Accented with Swarovski Crystals and Zirconia — the finest in the world — they radiate with unsurpassed brilliance.

At Chamilia, we believe that life is an amazing journey, filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. Yet we believe that each life is amazing, extraordinary and wonderful. So our message for 2015 is live in the moment and wring every last drop out of every second, relationship and opportunity. Let’s live our lives with purpose. Let’s live with all our heart. In honor of this bold statement, we’d like to introduce a few women who exemplify this motto. Click to watch the inspiring video.


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New Resolutions

Posted on Dec 30, 2014

Every day is an opportunity to start a new. However, it does seem easier to start fresh at the beginning of a landmark—like the New Year. Plus there’s the sparkly treat of champagne to make it even better! That’s why resolutions are as analogous to New Year’s Eve as “Auld Lang Syne” and kisses at midnight.

As you think about the resolutions you’d like to make as you embark on the New Year, please remember one very important thing: You are already remarkable! You really are. You juggle all the elements of your life and people think you make it look easy. You’ve built a life and you’re really good at living it.

Resolutions are meant to improve our lives. Meaningful goals—by design—are difficult to meet and it’s important to make them in a manner that is free of harsh judgment. So make your resolutions from a place of self-respect, love and kindness. Your goals will be more honest, more meaningful and therefore more reachable.

Don’t forget to celebrate along the way! Mark your new beginning with a Chamilia charm that reminds you of how great you already are—the Blessed charm is a great start. Then as you make important steps and meet goals, honor them and yourself by adding a new charm at each important milestone. At the end of the year, your charm bracelet will be a beautiful reflection of the remarkable woman you are! May 2015 bring you oodles of midnight kisses, champagne toasts and reasons to celebrate your wonderful self. Happy New Year!


Making Merry

Posted on Dec 11, 2014

Christmas is coming. Can you hear it? Close your eyes and listen for a minute. Can you hear the carolers? The swoosh under the clomp-clomp-clomp of the horse-drawn sleigh? The light twinkle of Christmas bulbs bumping into each other on the tree? The sweet murmur of a child’s wish whispered into Santa’s ear?

The holidays are a busy, bustling time of year. There’s so much to do and remember, so many obligations to fulfill. Yet even when you get caught up in the hustle, there’s still that undercurrent of merriment and joy that drives what you do this time of year. That is some of the season’s most powerful magic. Every time you see a Christmas tree through a front window, a string of lights swung across a front porch, a fresh-cut tree tied atop a station wagon, you’re filled with wonder and awe. You can’t help it—it just happens. Let it fill you and let it spill out. Take every “Happy Holidays” you get and send it out threefold in return. Let the magic take you and enjoy every moment.

Chamilia can help you create a little joy on Christmas morning, and leave a little extra time for enjoying the little moments. Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide is filled with ideas for the perfect charm for every girl and woman on your list, whether she’s a glam fashionista, an accomplished baker, a traditional holiday enthusiast, or a combination of all three. Order online and you can avoid mall crowds! From the Chamilia family to yours, we wish you a twinkle-light filled, magical, very merry holiday season.

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