Making Merry

Posted on Dec 11, 2014

Christmas is coming. Can you hear it? Close your eyes and listen for a minute. Can you hear the carolers? The swoosh under the clomp-clomp-clomp of the horse-drawn sleigh? The light twinkle of Christmas bulbs bumping into each other on the tree? The sweet murmur of a child’s wish whispered into Santa’s ear?

The holidays are a busy, bustling time of year. There’s so much to do and remember, so many obligations to fulfill. Yet even when you get caught up in the hustle, there’s still that undercurrent of merriment and joy that drives what you do this time of year. That is some of the season’s most powerful magic. Every time you see a Christmas tree through a front window, a string of lights swung across a front porch, a fresh-cut tree tied atop a station wagon, you’re filled with wonder and awe. You can’t help it—it just happens. Let it fill you and let it spill out. Take every “Happy Holidays” you get and send it out threefold in return. Let the magic take you and enjoy every moment.

Chamilia can help you create a little joy on Christmas morning, and leave a little extra time for enjoying the little moments. Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide is filled with ideas for the perfect charm for every girl and woman on your list, whether she’s a glam fashionista, an accomplished baker, a traditional holiday enthusiast, or a combination of all three. Order online and you can avoid mall crowds! From the Chamilia family to yours, we wish you a twinkle-light filled, magical, very merry holiday season.

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In the Kitsch

Posted on Nov 20, 2014

Pies and pastries, cookies and cakes... The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means baking season is upon us!

Whether you’re the baker or the taste-tester, there’s something really special about holiday baking. Walking into a kitchen dusted in flour, seeing cookies cooling on every surface, and breathing in that delectable scent of baking sugar and vanilla is easily as wonderful as opening the perfect gift.

It’s as important a tradition as any big family meal or gathering. Every family has that one special treat that makes the holidays feel complete. Even if you’ve already had to discretely loosen your belt after a feast, you’ll still make room for that special little something sweet. You’ve got years of memories tied up in the way it melts on your tongue, and it wouldn’t feel right not to partake.

So here’s to you, bakers! When you bake a batch of cookies, you serve batch after batch of our sweetest memories. Chamilia is happy to present the In the Kitsch Collection in honor of you. Charms depicting all your favorite tools of the trade in candy-colored Italian Murano glass and vibrant enamel will ensure your love of baking lasts a lifetime.

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Happiest Birthday

Posted on Nov 05, 2014

When we hear the word “birthday,” the next word that usually comes to mind is “party.” (Okay, maybe “cake.”) However, after we reach a certain age, it becomes very easy to fear our birthday. “Another year older,” we think. “Oh to be young.” But birthdays are meant to be fêted at every age, not lamented!

Remember as a child how birthdays were about looking forward to what’s coming? We’d count the days until we hit the magical age of ten or twelve or sixteen, because we just knew something amazing was going to happen and it did! It still does. Every single year, even if we do nothing else, we make an incredible trip all the way around the sun. I can’t think of anything more worthy of celebration—can you?

Let’s reclaim our birthdays. It’s the one day of the year that is yours alone. You are wonderful and the day you came to the world is a day worth celebrating! Look forward to your next trip around the sun, and mark its beginning with a charm bracelet that salutes your birth month. A feminine and beautiful Flower of the Month charm centered between Birthstone Jewels is a perfect start. It’ll make turning another year older that much better.

Let your friends at Chamilia be the first to wish you your happiest birthday yet!

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The 2014 Holiday Catalog

Posted on Oct 31, 2014

We're getting into the merry spirit as the holidays are fast approaching. Get an early start on your gift list (or your own wish list) this year with the help of our Holiday Catalog!

Happy Halloween!

Posted on Oct 21, 2014

October is wonderful for so many reasons: Cozy sweaters and cute boots. Vibrant fall foliage at its most spectacular. Football games with hot cocoa and soft blankets. Pumpkin spice everything. If we’re being completely honest, October’s greatest trick is how it saves its best treat for the last day of the month—Halloween!

It’s undeniable that Halloween is pure giddy enjoyment and it always has been. It’s a holiday reserved for make-believe, fun, spooky thrills and candy! That’s as true for adults as it is for children, which is why this holiday is so special. No matter if you’re six or sixty-six, everyone is free for one glorious day to be a princess, superhero, ghoul, or whatever your heart desires and all in the name of fun and fun-sized candy bars!

Show your Halloween spirit with the 2014 Halloween Collection. Go classic with the Over the Moon charm, or dare to be modern and sport the Love You To Death skull charm and earrings. Or show off your glamorous side with the Swarovski-encrusted Limited Edition Halloween Cat Eyes charm. If you simply can’t decide? Treat yourself to the Witch Way Halloween Gift Set.

We hope you enjoy every treat (and even every trick) Halloween brings you this year!

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