According to tradition, the colors of the U.S. flag had no official significance upon its creation. When the official seal of the United States of America was designed however, it was decreed that red was to signify hardiness and valor; white, purity and innocence; and blue would represent vigilance, perseverance and justice. What better ideals to celebrate this 4th of July?

In a letter to his wife the day before he signed the Declaration of Independence, future president John Adams predicted that Independence Day would be observed through the ages exactly as we do it today: with parades, fireworks and as much fun as possible. As you commemorate Independence Day with grand revelry and merriment as suggested by the great Mr. Adams, wear the bold and beautiful colors of red, white and blue with pride!

This year, pledge allegiance to the flag by creating a gorgeous charm bracelet, and wear it every 4th of July forward. Start with the timeless Silver Snap Bracelet—it’s the perfect chic and simple foundation. Then choose the accent charms that showcase your style. Our blue and red Jeweled Collection charms lend an air of elegance to your look, as Swarovski Crystal elements add sparkle. Whatever you choose, make it red, white and blue.

Have a beautiful 4th of July!

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The Enchanted Sea

Posted on Jun 23, 2014

Sandcastles, sea glass, and grassy dunes… sand in your toes, coconut lotion on your shoulders, and waves crashing in your ears… could it be that the beach is the best place on earth? The waves roll in and out and the sun shines bright and true. Whether you’re basking in sweet solitude or reveling in family merry-making, the sea is an enchanted place.

Time stands still on the beach and that might just be its enchantment. Nothing ever really changes. The gorgeous colors, the blues, greens and corals always remain and your perennial favorite popsicle is never out of reach. You can add all the state-of-the-art gear you’d like, from fancy beach chairs to waterproof footwear, but in the end, it’s still just the water, the sand, the sky and you.

Honor the spirit of the beach with our Enchanted Sea Collection. With charms depicting everything from sea creatures to sandcastles, this collection brings to mind the perfect coastal getaway. Remember your family’s trip to the beach with the ultra-fun Patriot Pop charm, or evoke that feeling of solitude with the beautiful blue Swarovski Captivate charm. However you enjoy the beach, the Enchanted Sea Collection is sure to offer something perfect for you… and your memories.


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3 Essential Summer Fashion Trends

Posted on Jun 05, 2014

The tulips have bloomed and your first veggies are on their way. The patio furniture has seen its first sit-down meal of hotdogs and potato chips. Yep, summer is here! Whether you’re headed to a garden tea party or just to the yard for another hotdog, here are three essential fashion trends to last you through the summer.



Watercolor is everywhere right now, and it’s perfect for the season. This pretty pastel blending can be seen in everything from elegant eveningwear to edgy hair color. It’s effortless to dress up or down and either way you’ll look simultaneously ladylike and laid-back.

TRY THIS: Our Murano glass and Monthly Flowers pair beautifully with any watercolor ensemble.


All White

Clean, crisp, classic—there’s nothing quite like all white in the summer. If all white is just too much for you, add an accent color to break it up. A bit of black will make it sleek, graphic and modern. Navy blue will lend a preppy, nautical feel and a touch of bright yellow will give it up-to-the-second cool.

TRY THIS: Use our shop by color feature! Shop for white, or look for that perfect accent color.


Femme Festival

Didn’t make it to Coachella this year? No problem—take a page from the music festival-goers anyway and try the Boho chic trend. Whether you prefer denim cut-offs and kimonos or maxi dresses and fedoras, comfort is key for this cool and casual look. Two easy touches will keep you looking laid-back and on trend: artfully undone hair and piled-high jewelry.

TRY THIS: Our braided leather bracelets are spot-on for this style and they’re perfect for stacking

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Yes, spring is finally here! The gorgeous sun, flowers, and ocean are inspiring us this season - join us and browse our online inspiration guide. Happy spring shopping, everyone!

The Secret Garden

Posted on Apr 09, 2014

What could be more enticing then the idea of a secret garden? The mystery and beauty behind the nooks and crannies of a place filled with flourishing wildlife is inviting at every turn. Aromatic fragrances permeate the air as colorful blossoms push out from the earth, restoring our faith in spring. Isn’t it amazing how this time of year brings a renewed appreciation for life and a passion to be in the great outdoors?

Imagine walking down a thin, winding dirt path and slowly the walkway begins to widen… soon you find yourself in a maze of greenery, surrounded by trees with pale pink and lavender flowers. This simple journey slowly becomes an extensive adventure where every step takes you further into a land of wonder. The ground beneath your feet is damp with dew and you can still feel rain resting in the air. With each step you take, the trees become larger as the flowers become more vibrant in color. This is a place you want to savor and hold close to your heart forever.

In support of this rejuvenating oasis, Chamilia is proud to introduce our Secret Garden Collection. Highlighting new charms like Birds of a Feather which depicts a mother caring for her young, this collection emphasizes the connection between nature and nurturing. The Fresh Mint and Lavender Murano glass beads incorporate color, while charms like the Good to Bee Queen buzz with vitality. If gardening is your passion, The Secret Garden Collection is made for you, as it honors this place of refuge where you unwind, restore and get in touch with your roots.

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