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Posted on Jun 29, 2015

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6 Ways to Transform Your Summer

Posted on Jun 10, 2015

Summertime and the living is easy. Put on your favorite sandals and those new shades, and feel the sand between your toes. Summer is the time to kick back, enjoy an ocean breeze and feel the warmth of the sun.

As the first day of summer approaches, we have been thinking of ways to make the most of the warmer months. Consider these six small but meaningful ways to transform your life while the days are long and your energy is high.

  1. Start a new morning ritual. The sun is rising by 5:30 a.m. these days, so if you wake up even 10 minutes earlier than usual, you can have a little time in the sun. Take a walk around the block, or enjoy your first cup of coffee on the patio.
  2. Buy yourself flowers. Get a whole bouquet of your favorites and put them wherever you’ll enjoy them the most – or break them into smaller arrangements and leave them in each room of your home. Don’t have a favorite flower? Get yourself to the florist and start exploring!
  3. Selfies! Show off your smile and your summer glow. Just look at how beautiful you are! Tag your Instagram photos with #ChamiliaSummer.
  4. Create a reading habit. Walk to the library and check out a few great beach reads. When the dreaded winter comes, check out your favorite again and transport yourself back to this great summer.
  5. Strike up a conversation. Introduce yourself to that neighbor you keep meaning to meet, say thanks to your mail carrier, or turn the tables on your cashier and ask him how his day is going.
  6. Make time for you! Don’t overschedule yourself this summer. Leave time for the things you love to do most.

As always, and most importantly, remember to live with your whole heart!


Meaningful Symbols

Posted on Jun 03, 2015

We see symbols everywhere – they are part of our everyday lives. For example, they help us physically navigate our way – when we see a stop sign, we know to pause and look both ways before moving ahead – and the “walking man” tells us it’s safe to cross the street. Symbols can evoke emotional connections, as well. Look at all the beautiful symbols you wear every time you put on your Chamilia bracelet. The Birthstone charm you wear to remind you of your child, or the Secret Message Heart from a loved one.

We chose the hummingbird as our brand symbol seeing a kinship in the bird’s vibrant colors and quick heartbeat, and to communicate the beauty and energy found in living a full and purposeful life.

What are the symbols in your life? Sometimes it’s an icon you’ve loved all your life, such as a heart, or a cross. Sometimes it’s a symbol you choose because it reminds you how you want to navigate the life you want to live. These particular symbols make us stop and consider the moment. They help us tell our story.

It was exactly in this spirit that we created Chamilia’s new Fine Jewelry Collection. When our talented designers created this collection, they said, “We thought deeply about a woman’s life experience and how those experiences shape who she is and how she expresses herself through jewelry.”

For example, we are reminded of growth when we see a new leaf. Flowers symbolize an array of sentiments such as affection, beautifully designed in our Zinnia pendants and earrings. Or the stability we see in an anchor, as well as the direction symbolized in our North Star collection.

We hope that you can find a symbol in this new collection that you’ll wear as a talisman to remind you to live with all your heart.


Introducing the Chamilia 2015 Summer Collection Catalog!

Good Night

Posted on May 12, 2015

“I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”
–Vincent van Gogh

 As summer makes its celebrated entrance and we get caught up in the beautiful sunshiny days, it’s easy to forget how glorious the night can be. When most of us think summer, we think sun. But what about the stars? The moon? It’s finally warm enough to stay outside past sundown, and that means gazing up at the night sky.

The night sky is a breathtaking reminder to wonder. When we look at the stars, it’s impossible to count them. There’s no way to know just what’s there. It can make us feel tiny and grand at once. It makes us stop and dream, even if only for a second, and marvel at the enormity of our universe.

This season, make it a point to take time out for the stars. It’s the perfect opportunity to slow down and look up. If you want to learn a bit, download an app or find an interactive map online (there are so many great free resources—just Google “night sky” or “stargazing”). Or, if it suits you, just take a deep breath and let yourself get lost in the wonder. Happy gazing!

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