To love and be loved is everything. The sentiment of love is shared the world over and the most universally recognized symbol for love is the heart. Jeweled hearts, enameled hearts, grouped hearts, locked hearts, sterling silver and gold hearts - Chamilia has a heart for everyone!

Another way to express love is to come right out and spell it! A wonderful selection of love beads are inscribed with “I Love You” , “True Love” or “Love” . Chamilia’s love beads are remarkably beautiful and, of course, versatile. You can wear them on bracelets, necklaces or earrings. They look stunning grouped together or simply alone.

Chamilia’s Wish List makes it easy for you to share your dreams with those longing to fulfill them. Add your favorite heart beads and love charms to the list and let your friends and family know where they can find your treasured wishes. Have them share theirs with you too. And don’t forget to show yourself a little love too! When you need that special little treat that you so deserve …come back and check on your own wish list to make your selection easy.

Chamilia ‘s love beads – expressions that truly warm the heart.